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Make hands and feet look perfect !

The Wonder Nails & Spa signature wax, specializing especially in The Brazilian for both males and females, as well as specializing in Full Body Waxing.

The experienced waxing specialists at Wonder Nails & Spa are all highly trained in the wide variety of methods used for waxing. Our staff are trained in our unique waxing technique which allows us to provide fast and professional service to all clients.

Waxing is a somewhat painful experience; no one wants to extend it any longer than it has to be and by using the technique we have implemented you can rest assure you service will be finished sooner rather than later.

Brazilian Waxing  

Our Specialists are constantly learning better techniques for waxing, and these enhanced skills are greatly beneficial to the client.

Each client will have different expectations of what is involved in a Brazilian wax. Some clients only wish to have the removal of any hair around the bikini line, others may wish to have a particular shape left on the front and some may wish to have all hair removed totally.



1. If you are having a bikini line wax there will be no need to remove underwear, a Brazilian (small strip sometimes referred to as a runway with all other hair removed including lips, bottom and crack.) or a Hollywood (all hair removed) you will be required to remove all underwear.

2. To perform a bikini wax a female beauty therapist applies warm wax to the area of hair to be removed, places cloth strip atop then removes by pulling the material of the skin.

3. Removal of hair is uncomfortable but the results far out weigh the slight sting that is experienced.

4. A soothing cream is then applied to waxed area to calm and sooth the skin.

5. When the hair begins to grow back one can experience a slight itchy feeling, to combat this apply a little Vaseline to ease the hairs passage. This feeling will deplete after a couple of waxes as the hair becomes much finer.


6. Do not have a hot bath or shower until 24 hours after a wax, do not apply cream, soap, deodorizing wipes or anything to the waxed area. Major irritation may occur if you don’t follow these rules.

7. A bumpy red rash will appear almost straight after waxing, this is perfectly normal. This irritation should completely disappear anything from four to forty eight hours afterwards. Always exfoliate to prevent in-growing hairs.


Come and try our Brazilian Waxing. Our professional staffs are here to assist you with any questions you may have. What are you waiting for, join us at Wonder Nails & Spa and Experience the incredible Brazilian Waxing.


Our Specialists at Wonder Nails & Spa has developed a unique waxing method. This aims to make the overall waxing experience as painless as possible with minimum irritation to the skin. We are constantly learning better techniques for waxing, and these enhanced skills are greatly beneficial to the client.

Smooth Body Waxing




  Lip $6 Half Legs $30
  Chin $7 & up Full Legs $50 & up
  Eyebrows $12 Tummy $15
  Sideburns $12 Bikini $25 & up
  Full Face $30 Brazipiclian $45 & up
  Underarms $15 & up Chest $35 & up
  Half Arms $25 & up Back $35 & up
  Full Arms $30    


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